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This is my fandom blog, it's mostly kigo/ATLA but you'll find tons of other stuff mixed in. I mainly write Kigo and Micharu fanfiction but I'm in love with the women of Bei Fong too.

28th September 2012

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Kigo Recs

Starving Lunatic


All of her work is perfection but she thrives with kigo.

Dmnchld1029’s - Quid Pro Quo


AudioErotica’s - Subtext is so not the pretext


Blackbird’s - Maternal Instincts


There are companion pieces to this universe. Check the author’s profile for more.

Silent Wrath’s - Dysfunctional Family Universe

Read in this order. Check author’s profile for explanation.

(3/4) http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3325987/1/Dysfunctional-Family

(1/4) http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4772710/1/Back-to-Disaster

(4/4) http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9413887/1/Mayhem-Manor

Poetheather1’s - Tangled up in Green


All of WerePuppy-Jake’s Kigo


Spartan K215’s - She is Mine


All of King in Yellow’s work


Note: Leave ff.net every once in a while.

The KPSlash haven has got a plethora of awesome stuff.

The Humbug is a fucking weirdo but I love him and he always makes me go



NoDrogs’ - A Small Possibility/Shego Collard


There are companion pieces to this story. Check author’s profile for more.



I’ll add more. I’m being lazy right now.

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